Welcome Romany Skip!



MCD4D’s new member arrived safely on Manx shores on Tuesday 29th November 2016; traveling from Darwen, Blackburn, Skip was brought  to the Island by Ms Angela Murray, who very generously donated her time/ horsebox and half the travel costs so we could get him here and into work for the Charity as soon as possible. Skip is a black and white, 6 year old arguing a position essay example Gelding, who has been providing carriage rides and riding at a petting farm called ‘Wellybobs’! He was assessed by our Regional RDA Carriage driving Assessor, Ms Margaret Brockie, as suitable for purpose, and following a successful vetting, purchased by the Charity. Skip will be resident at Ballavartyn Stables.  We all welcome Skip to the MCD4D abstract examples family. Over the past 12 months Skip has proven to be a master of his trade and loves his work.




Welcome Stewie!


Stewie, our newest member arrived safely on Island in June 2017, having come from the Birmingham area. He will join the MCD4D team after his assessment by Ms Margaret Brockie on her next visit to see if he is suitable for RDA work.

Stewie being of 14hh will be pulling the Hartland carriage which is a four wheeler and can carry four people, but more often would be only two persons, the coach and the Driver, and occasionally might have a carer should the Driver wish to have one with them!






We also have on permanent loan one horse.





Teddy,  at 14.1hh, is owned by Mrs Suzanne Colquitt, and is a Ride and Drive Gelding. Teddy has been driving with MCD4D for the past 12 months, and is very much a gentle giant; Teddy was one of our MCD4D  equine ambassadors at the 2016 Southern District Agricultural Show.

Teddy primarily drives the Hartland Carriage and the Christmas Sleigh.





In October 2014,  with the generous support and encouragement of Ken Blaymire, the use of the facilities at Ballavartyn,  Bertie and a group of volunteers gathered and we began to “Make the wheels go round”.

Since that cold October evening in 2014, Bertie Bassett has been our active Ambassador for the charity, there is not one person within the equine community who does not know him! Many from their childhood days of riding or driving; many of our clients immediately warmed to him, as he had that special way of knowing their specialness, and he would nuzzle his nose into their hands, looking for that mint or apple!

Bertie Bassett has served the charity with an impeccable record, and has helped us to where we, the charity, is today, and it was with great respect and a tinge of sadness, that in October of 2016, at 27 years of age, Bertie retired to the Home of Rest for Horses, on Richmond Hill.

If ever there was that one pony in a million, for many,  Bertie was that one.