Calum has always enjoyed any outdoor activities, including horse riding, so we were very happy when there was an Calumopportunity to expand his experience to Carriage driving. He has now been for 10 weekly sessions and has grown in confidence over this time.
Calum enjoys being set tasks before the carriage driving, such as the setting out of the cones in the arena.
During the 30 mins session there is a calm contentment that lasts the majority of the session, especially when he is in charge of the reins.
Calim always comes away from Ballavartyn smiling and verbalising that the pony was good.


John used to ride horses with riding for the disabled across, unfortunately he fell off the horse and has never been back on.
He has always loved horses and likes to go to the rest home for horses.John
When I found out about MCD4D I hoped it would be a way to get John back into interacting with horses.
After the first taster session with MCD4D it was clear that he really wanted to ride on a regular basis and loved getting on the carriage with “Bertie”.
John had some spare birthday money and wanted to buy his own riding helmet, this was another indicator that he loved carriage riding and was serious about carrying on.
John’s mobility has worsened over the years so the fact that he can sit down on the carriage really fits in with his current ability. Johns mobility getting on and off the carriage is improving as the sessions continue.
I have noticed that over the past three months a decrease in Johns behavioural problems which I must say has coincided with his carriage riding.
John loves to give presents, so he loves to bring apples for Bertie for him to have after his work. John seems to be getting used to the helpers, who offer a wonderful level of support to John. I can say that being involved with MCD4D has made a massive improvement to Johns quality of life. I am personally grateful for everybody’s help and effort making it possible.


RyanRyan 003

Ryan an amazing young driver. On arrival for his driving session, Ryan’s mum said he had been a little stressed during the morning, but when he arrived at Ballavartyn for his driving session and talking to Bertie the pony that stress was taken away. Once Ryan took charge of the reins that is where he wanted to be. Ryan has a condition of ADHD, SPS and Aspergers. Ryan would happily drive all day if allowed. This is where carriage driving aims to help with focus, stimulation and co-ordination, Ryan really loves driving.