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  • September 11, 2023

Gibbs Blog

Hello people

Your new boy Gibbs.  Well I can tell you that I am doing really well,  helping Teddy out with the Friday sessions.  We have a lot of fun together.  He is more like a brother to me.  He looks out for me.

I have  been driving in the outdoor school and Duchess has been practicing some dressage moves with me.  I heard her telling another coach that I was really listening  to her.

Well on Sunday morning Duchess gave me a bath and Margot helped.  Duchess did my face first so gently,  being careful not to get soap in my eyes. My body was next Margot and Duchess taking a side each,  ooohhhh it did feel good.  My tail was next, a job in its self being so thick.  After the soap was rinsed off and face dried off Duchess took me outside in the sun for a walk to help dry me off.  I was allowed to eat the clover grass,  luuuvvverly very sweet. Back to the stable where I got my head into the hay, one very happy horse.

Cherrio for now

The new boy