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  • September 7, 2022

Good evening my dearest friends!

My Dears,

I can’t tell you how much has happened since my last post. Sadly, I still have a tiny problemette with my off hind. As you know, ladies of a certain age can get these aches and pains, and as I’m so important to my Mama and my other staff I must take the greatest care. Mama is giving me lots of rest so that I can recover completely. My Mama has been here all day today, at first she seemed to have taken over from the Housekeeper (gasp), but she soon gave me all her attention, as she should of course!

I have had a lovely spa day with Mama, she does love to get covered in bubbles and soaking wet, I join in of course, it does cheer her up. I’ve had my hair restyled too, so I am looking my sparkling best, which is pretty impressive if I say so myself, indeed!  I was feeling rather stunning when I returned to my garden for the evening, I share it with the gentleman in the next door luxury apartment, Uni. He is my type to a tee, very proud, very grand, tall, dark and handsome, ladies, need I say more??

We both have impeccable breeding and we are from the same social strata, a match made in heaven! We enjoy each other’s company, we have a lot in common, hhmm, I wonder if something could develop with Uni and I? For now he is a dear friend and neighbour, and naturally I am a perfect lady who will not be too easily wooed. It would never do to appear too forward!!

Meanwhile Dahlings, I will be seeing my doctor again in October, until then I shall be ‘resting’ between jobs, being cuddled by my staff, and fussed over by my Mama, and Uni of course!

Cheerio my loves, kisses, your friend Miss Fluff xxx