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  • May 14, 2022

Good evening my dears!

Hello you lovely followers, fans and general admirers. I had a tiny little derapage in my field a few weeks ago so, naturally I’ve been resting, receiving treatments from Jo and Chloe, lovely therapists, only the best for me! Mama and I decided we really ought to start a little bit of work, just pleasant little drives out on the roads and lanes around my home here at Ballavartyn. I must say, I’ve been feeling quite my old self!

So much so that I was awakened from my beauty sleep on Friday, not just for ‘pamper time’ but also to have a little drive! A lovely young girl came in to groom me, such a sweet young person. I had a little harnessing practice with an old friend of mine, then I was hitched up to the carriage and we had a drive. I was very keen to get going and even when my driver, the reiki woman, was busy chatting, I just carried on regardless! The coach and driver both said how lovely I was, and that I was such fun to drive, they would of course for this is true!

We then had a little walk along the drive, to enjoy the breeze and cool one down, it’s very difficult to use a fan with ones hoof after all. The lovely young girl and her Papa walked me to my stable, and the girl helped to take my harness off. Another of my attendants gave me a little wash, a lady so enjoys feeling fresh and ready for anything. Now back to my routine, it behoves the Lady of the Stable to keep a regular routine of skin and foot care, one must show the younger generation how to remain attractive when one is maturing slightly. So good night my dears, till next time xxx