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  • June 12, 2022

Happy Sunday!

Good afternoon my lovelies, Mama was here again this morning, TT never stopped her coming to care for me! Quite rightly she pays me lots of attention, my pedigree qualifies me for extra care and attention, one is a lady you know!  Seeing lots of Mama has made me feel very chipper, quite jolly really, I’ve enjoyed all the grooming, exercise, training, we’ve done everything! I surmise I may be competing again soon, as I’m doing competition style hazards, much narrower than the MCD4D cones, but of course, so simple for me. If only Mama would let me walk the course I could do it without her instructions, however, I assume she enjoys being with me when I compete, so I pretend she’s ‘in charge’ of our directions. This morning we were joined by Teddy and Duchess and I had lots of fun trotting round the track at Ballavartyn, they have lovely facilities here as befits a person of my breeding! I must say I’m feeling fit as a flea and thoroughly enjoyed the trot round the track, I was a bit full of myself and I showed Mama my special ‘catwalk’ trot. I swish my beautiful blonde and black tail and wiggle what God gave me. I’m sure I would win show classes, cones, obstacles, dressage, you name it!! When I’ve finished this I shall be in my field relaxing and I will see what tomorrow brings!!

Bye, bye for now my dears,

Lots of Love

Miss Fluff