Hey Up! – Manx Carriage Driving 4 Disabled
  • Stonehaven, Main Road, Union Mills, Isle of Man
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  • March 23, 2022

Hey Up!

Hiya all,

I’m Skip, I’ve been on me ‘olidays for a brave while now with me mate, the nice man. He’s been proper good t’me, and now I’ve started furt do a bit a work. O’ course me mate Ian and t’ut Boss Lady have been out furt see me, making sure I’m be’aaving. Duchess has been too, I can see she’s missin’ me, but I needed a bit o space.

I’m from Bolton, or as we say at’ome, Bowton, so me accent, I’ve been towd is a bit broad, if tha dun’t get it, I’ll have to try furt talk properer, like wot you do.

I’m a black and white cob, and some say I’m reet good fun furt drive, but I’m just goin a gerring fit for a good while yet. Hope to see yus all in a few months, me mate Teddy and me good lass Fluff are aving to gerron wi’out me fur now, tara chuck! Skip