Mickey’s Blog – Manx Carriage Driving 4 Disabled
  • Stonehaven, Main Road, Union Mills, Isle of Man
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  • January 2, 2023

Mickey’s Blog

Hello you lovely people

Can I introduce myself. My name is Mickey, and no, I don’t take the mickey out of people.  I am black and white which is called a piebald pony. I stand 13 2 hands high. Did you know that a hand is 4 inches in horsey terms.

I came over to the Island with Sue girl, a mare who will pull a carriage for wheelchair users. I hope to have all sorts of different people driving me.  I am  a little more laid back than Sue.  I lived out a lot and was driven by a man. I seem to have ladies driving me here. I don’t mind though. You know I used be a pony that pulled a cart for a Rag and Bone man. Who Remembers them?

I feel happy here now but I was a bit unsure at first. You see I was taken in wagon and then onto the boat to the Island. So now I can call myself a real traveller. The food is pretty good, I get haylage and 2 feeds a day. I get out into the paddock to graze with Sue as well, we are great friends.

I talk later because I am going to have my tea now.

Bye bye for now