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  • April 26, 2022

Miss Fluff here dahlings!

Hello there my lovely people, well I must say, my Mama has shaken off the sniffles and is now looking after me properly. I am accustomed to being fussed over and given my special biscuits every day, and I expect this at all times. Thankfully, Mama treated me to a lovely spa day recently, ladies, we do love a spa day, do we not? Mama did my hair personally, by hand, she is super at my coiffure. We then went on to the bathing facilities where we had lovely, relaxing bubble baths, Mama seems to love them too as she was covered in bubbles, she’s a hoot! In true Scandinavian fashion I then had a good, cold rinsing, not quite as enjoyable, but very good for the circulation and the skin of course. Very bracing, I then had a good squeegee, and sauntered over to the walker to become bone dry. Mama was still rather soggy and I could hear a squelching noise when she was walking beside me. It didn’t bother me unduly, and I did get a peep at the big mirror in the indoor school, and, if I say it myself, I looked an absolute stunner.

This is much more the standard I am used to and indeed bred for. No point in having a pedigree if one is treated as an ordinary equine.

I will allow some of you to learn grooming by practicing on me, but remember, I have very high standards. Cheerio my lovelies, cheerio! Miss Fluff