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  • March 23, 2022

Miss Fluff’s latest news.

Good afternoon everyone, followers, fans, and my lovely servants. Well, what can one say, I’ve had a very slow three weeks now. I took a mis-step in my pasture, and somehow I’ve managed to hurt my shoulder. A lady has to expect these sort of mishaps when she gets to a certain age. I’ve had a few of my servants around helping me to recover, which I shall do in my own time! Specialist servant arrived from across, and my lovely local masseur applied kinetic tape to one’s shoulder. I’m not sure it improves the appearance of my figure, but we must put a brave face on things, standards must be maintained. Fortunately I have been able to take part in the Horse Care component of our program. I’m so adaptable!

The latest news is that my poor parents are at home feeling off colour, well, what an affront! I haven’t seen my Mama for days now. Thankfully, my special Aunt Linda was here on Monday, one must pay attention to Aunt Linda, she understands my every thought, uncanny! She saw to my daily toilette and led me through some lovely exercise to help my shoulder. Lovely Duchess was here yesterday, she is usually with my dear friend, Teddy, who has kept the wheels rolling while I recuperate. He is a really decent chap, (he can’t help that he has no pedigree), he is a cob, whereas I am a Norwegian Fjord Horse, born here on the Isle of Man, I am from an ancient and revered lineage.

I’m so looking forward to¬† seeing everyone again, and I do wish you all very good health.

Yours lovingly,

Miss Fluff