Oh my goodness!! – Manx Carriage Driving 4 Disabled
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  • July 29, 2022

Oh my goodness!!

My dear followers, please, don’t be alarmed, but I have an annoying little injury. These things happen occasionally¬† to we volunteers who love to pull carriages. However, you will not believe the affront I suffered!!!

Well, my dear friend, Mr. Ray Cox, was called by my Mama to check that nothing dreadful had befallen me. He’s very good you know! During his very thorough examination he happened to remark, ‘Are her (me) ankles always a bit puffy’, a gentlemanly remark. Imagine my horror when my Mama replied, ‘She does have thick ankles’. My dears, I was so horrified I clutched my pearls and asked for the smelling salts. How could my Mama say such a thing in front of a gentleman? One does have to keep oneself smart, trim and very well turned out when one has superior breeding. It is expected of one to provide an example for others of lower breeding. I was so disappointed in my Mama, my lower lip is still trembling. Although, she is trying to make amends, I must stay indoors for the most part, but Mr. Cox told Mama I could be walked, in hand, and have lovely little snacks of grass. It is lovely to see what is going on around the stables, the girls (my carers), are all so much fun.

I’ve also heard that a new lady horse has arrived to join our merry band. She’s come all the way from France, I only know her name, Sora, and that she’s rather taller than myself. Doubtless I shall learn more about her when I am out and about more.

Goodbye for now my dears, we’ll speak again soon, your beloved Miss Fluff xxx