School day! – Manx Carriage Driving 4 Disabled
  • Stonehaven, Main Road, Union Mills, Isle of Man
  • 07624322431
  • May 20, 2022

School day!

Good Evening followers,

It is I, Miss Fluff, the sleek, blonde carriage pony. I must tell you I had such fun today with the schoolchildren, of course I understand that I must be very careful and sure footed with the children on board. Thankfully, as I am a Norwegian Fjord Horse, this is second nature to me, I’m bred to live on steep mountain sides in all conditions, I’m as sure footed as a Chamois! I never put a foot wrong, I’ve heard my Mama and her passenger or groom say so at times, that I’m just foot perfect! You may believe I should be more modest, as some ladies are, but I know my worth, I’m more precious than rubies to my Mama and MCD4D. I shall look forward to my next session with the lovely schoolchildren with great anticipation. I enjoy my special biscuits after each session too! My very best wishes to all my fans, Miss Fluff xx