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  • January 19, 2023

Sue Girl blog

Hi people

Well am I having a fun time here at Ballavartyn. Teddys girl, Duchess and Sharon came down to our field this afternoon, (Mickeys and mine) to bring us in to work.

They called us and being good equines we trotted and bucked and pranced down to them.  One of the girls that works at the yard took Amber, a rather posh mare who I believe has a fantastic pedigree and waited until we came through her paddock.

I was NOT amused I like to go first, I snorted at her and started to talk horse but she didn’t reply. I was prancing and trying to trot but Duchess wouldn’t let me so I jumped of all fours and you wouldn’t believe it but Duchess said to me “anything you can do I can” and she did.

When we were in the school I walked and did my stops. Then I did my reversing. I was asked to trot on the lunge rein which I did calmly and Duchess said that was lovely. Sharon long reined me and Roger did. Both these lovely people want to be coaches.  How super is that.  I feel more relaxed now that I am getting to know  everybody. Teddy next door to me has taken a dislike to me, he puts his ears back when I go past his box. I know he thinks I am taking Duchess from him.

I will let you know of my exploits next week my friends.

Sue Girl