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  • July 10, 2023

Teddy’s Blog

Hiyyaa Hooommmaaaannnnss

Teddy here.  Well it has been an exciting time since I last got Duchess to type my thoughts for you.

T.T. ,  its to do with wheels and they make an awful noise,  Duchess loves them she says the atmosphere is brilliant. I don’t know about that but I had a week off,  so I was very happy. Duchess rode me and we went down to the track where we trotted and I broke into a canter. You see when I am in the carriage with our drivers I am not allowed too.  The wind was blowing through my mane and tail, it was great; the feeling of freedom.

Duchess tries very hard to keep me happy.  My look alike next to me , Gibbs, has been successful in gaining his assessment to be able to drive with me in the Sessions.  He is a youngster so I will guide him.  We old hands do that sought of thing.

Well cheeerrrio for now

Stay safe

Furry kisses from Teddy