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  • March 17, 2022

Teddy’s blog

helloooo hoomans. Sorry not to have been touch sooner but my girl Duchess was finding the techy stuff a bit awkward. Well let me tell you about my session on Tuesday. Duchess and Ann were practicing for the competition on Sunday. Their boss lady Linda was giving all of us a lesson. We all worked hard and Linda did say we were a lot better. Duchess and Ann took me out for sight of the countryside. I love to hear the birds singing and the gorse flowers are a deep yellow. I will tell you what tough, I don’t like them short fat woolly animals with little versions by their sides. Because Duchess had worked me fairly hard we did not do too much trotting.

Today I got a new set of shoes. My feet were parred and trimmed by John, he is such a lovely farrier. Duchess had asked if he could trim my ergots and the rather large chestnut on my hind leg. I am going to look super for Sunday.

Ergots by the way are horny bits at the back of the fetlocks. Chestnuts are the horny bits on the inside of the hind legs.

Oh my  I have just heard we are not going to the Competition due to illness. Never mind I can look forward to my lovely friendly and caring drivers in the future sessions.

Stay safe and well my dear hoomans.

Furry kisses and nuzzles to you all. Teddy