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  • March 22, 2022

Teddy’s Blog

Hi hooommaans

Teddy here. Just wanted to let you know what a super drive I had with my girl Duchess and Ann. We went out the main entrance of Ballavartyn and turned left. After I had had my little warm up walking Duchess asked me to trot. I thought it was great because I leading a profession of those metal boxes on wheels and a hhhuugggee grey one. Well they did pass me before I turned the corner into Oakland’s. I do like this time of year, the yellow things on green stalks were bobbing about, I think Duchess called then Daffodils. Oooohhhh and I did see those furry, short legged animals again but they didn’t have any little ones.

We spoke to a couple of hhhooommans who were cutting the grass and said what a lovely horse. OF COURSE I am. Two people went passed in the metal boxes taking photos. Duchess said they are taking photos of Teddy not us Ann.

On our return trip I saw two new horsey friends rather to energetic for me. We sniffed the air to each other.

On our return to Ballavartyn Ann rubbed me down, while Duchess got my thank you meal ready.

I nearly forgot to tell you all John my farrier has cleaned up my ergots and that chestnut, and Duchess says I look a million dollars, whatever they are.

Neigh neigh for now nuzzles and furry kisses to you all Teddy