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  • May 4, 2022

Teddy’s blog

Hiya hoomaans

It does seem a long time since I got my girl Duchess to write for me. A lot has happened since then though. My dear colleague Skip has retired from his duties with MCD4D unfortunately he was a little small to pull you hooommaans. He has gone to a home where he will be loved and more than likely be centre of attention.

Duchess took me out with Margot the other week and we went on new road. As you know I love to skeet and take in all unusual things just in case anything moves !!!!! Margot should have drove me she never stopped yapping😂😂😂😂I hope Duchess doesn’t get into trouble.

I am delighted to say I am out in the evenings now, it is a little cooler but I don’t mind, my girl says if I use my body fat I may loose an ounce or two.

oh heck better confess. The British Horse Society came to Ballavartyn with their weigh machine. I was a little more than the tape said but my body score was good, the middle bit it abit fat. Duchess says If I was put standing on my hind legs I would look like an old man with a beer belly.

Well folk I will go an have a bite to eat now. See you all soon.

Stay safe and well. Furry kisses to you all.