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  • September 23, 2022

Teddy’s blog

Well hello hooomans, Teddy here.

My apologies for not writing to you all sooner, but Duchess has had mega problems with her techy gadgets ( what ever they are).

Miss Fluff and I have had quite a busy Summer with shows and giving drives to young and old hoomans. She did a lot of horse care. The sessions carried through the Summer too.

We were delighted to have a new horse come to join us called Sora. She came aaallllll the way from France. She was a bit snobby for us boys i.e. Dusty, who lives next door to me. She was used to living out all the time down in France. Duchess told me it is a lot warmer in that country. She did not take kindly to being indoors and used to bang the door with her hoof. It drove me mad at times. Duchess kept telling her she would hurt her hoof, but she took no notice. Sora could not settle so it was agreed to sell her. The lady and gentleman that came to see her fell in love with her.  Duchess told me she was happy that she was going to a beautiful home. So once again it is Miss Fluff and myself holding the fort.

Well I will say goodnight now there is a lovely pile of hay waiting for me.

Love from Teddy and furry kisses to you all.