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  • November 8, 2022

Teddy’s blog

Hi Hooomans, Teddy here. Well have I got some fantastic news for all you lovely hooomans out there. Next week, all being well, I will have two new friends  coming to join me at Ballavartyn.  One is called Sue girl and the other is called Mickey. Sue is a grey with blue patches, Duchess says it is called Sabino colour, and is 14 2 hh. She is very sweet and kind looking. I am looking forward to working with her.  Micky is a smaller gelding, he is 13 2hh and a piebald. If I remember correctly, I worked with a piebald called Skip a few years ago.

I have been busy since I last wrote to you all.  I have been doing my usual work with my lovely drivers in the Friday sessions and my girl Duchess and my lovely girl Ann have taken me out in the countryside.  Duchess has taken me in the Harness club events and Margot another lady took me in the hazards. It is all good fun and I always get a “thank you” treat when I have finished. Very Yummy.

Will keep you all updated on my new friends later on.

Cheerio for now and furry kisses to you all.

Neigh neigh form Teddy