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  • January 4, 2023

Teddy’s Blog

Hyia Hoooommaaannnnas

Teddy here. I have had a fun morning today.  I was groomed by Duchess before I was harnessed by CiCi. I was put to, that is horsey speak for putting horse into the carriage. After tis happens Duchess checked over the harness to see if all was as it should be. I was then walked for 5 minutes to warm my muscles up. CiCi drove me too. she is learning and has lovely hands. I mean she doesn’t hang on to my mouth. Jannette also had a drive. I just walked with her because she has just started kearning to drive. WE did circles, deviations and diagonals. to my surprise my new friends were in the indoor school too.  Mickey was being lunged by Margot, Sue girl was being lunged by Di. As I stood still Sue Girl circled me,  oh My What a stunner she is, I could not take my eyes of her.  I think I am in love. Roger took over driving me and had a lesson with Linda.

When I was unharnessed, Duchess rubbed me down and gave me a yummy meal.

I will say cheerrrio for now

Furry kisses to you all, take care