Well I’ll go t’ut foot of our stairs! – Manx Carriage Driving 4 Disabled
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  • April 28, 2022

Well I’ll go t’ut foot of our stairs!

Hey up Chuck,

Well, you’ll never guess wot’s appnin now! I was on me olidays wit nice man, been a good long oliday, then I were back at place wi’ Teddy! Then all the boss drivers ad a look a mi goin round pullin me little cart thing, now, I were still a bit crook on’t front leg, but I ad a go, no bother.

They’ve only gone and took me back t’ut nice man’s place!!! Now that’s ace, coz I love it there, and nice man is proper good wi me, I think ee’s the bees knees, proper good chap!  Any road up, I eard um saying that Skip, that’s me, is retired from RDA duties and I’m stayin w’it nice man for good!!!

I am proper chuffed, love it to bits ere!

Ta’ra chuck,