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Leaving a Legacy

Maybe you have direct experience of how MCD4D changes lives, or that you too want to do something amazing to help others. Either way, remembering MCD4D in your will can make a real difference. Your gift will help to ensure that future generations can benefit from the therapy, achievement and enjoyment of carriage driving.

Gifts can be large or small; what matters is the huge difference they make.

We are all volunteers so you may be re-assured your legacy will be used to good effect!

With your legacy we can:

  • Help more disabled people to benefit from our life-changing activities
  • Offer more opportunities for improved mobility, independence, social inclusion, confidence building, and fun.

For further information and advice about remembering MCD4D in your will, please contact us.

Isle of Man Sport

In 2022, Isle of Man Sport provided some funding to MCD4D via our recognised Governing Body of Sport, the Manx Horse Council. This funding was towards the purchase of some new driving obstacles to enable drivers to develop their skills and practise on a course similar to that experienced in competition.

Thanks to Isle of Man Sport, we purchased a full set of multi coloured purpose built obstacles, which enables our partially sighted members to distinguish a contrasting colour over just one solid colour and of course, the larger size helps with their visual and spatial awareness when actually driving round or through the obstacles.

Raymond Cox, Chair of the Manx Horse Council said:

“Full praise to the MCD4D who fulfil such an important role in the equestrian community and beyond. The volunteers are an example to all in sport and the joy that they bring to their members is uplifting.Well done to Isle of Man Sport for their generous support to the MCD4D as they look to the future”

Read more about this here.